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 Hill 62 - Sanctuary Wood
Passchendaele Remembered © Paul Reed 2010. Email:
Sanctuary Wood Trench Museum, Hill 62
Sanctuary Wood, located on the slopes of Hill 62, close to the village of Zonnebeke, became part of the front line following the end of the Second Battle of Ypres in May 1915. It saw heavy fighting when the Canadians were here in June 1916, as the nearby Canadian Memorial commemorates. In July 1917 it saw fighting in the early stages of Third Ypres.

The Trench Museum was started in 1919 by the grandfather of the present owner who secured a section of the second line trench, part of a communication trench and tunnel, and preserved it. While many doubt the authenticity of the trenches here, researching using the new Linesman system has proved they are original - although there is no doubting they have seen some work over the years to stop them from collapsing.

The museum has a host of exhibits from both world wars, some unique and horrifying 3D photographs, and a cafe and toilets.

Open all year round.

Contact details:

   * Hill 62 - Sanctuary Wood Trench Museum
     Canadalaan 26
     8900 Zillebeke - Ieper
     Tel: 0032 57 46 63 73
     Note - The museum does not have email.

GPS: 50°50.212'N, 2°56.770'E